As / 2005 / Feuilleton, part two / Marres / Maastricht


The old family estate on the Capucijnenstraat in Maastricht houses Marres, Centre for Contemporary Art.


A central corridor directly connects the street to the back garden. In the middle of the corridor, a main stairs and greenhouse area meet. Here, a revolving wall was installed with one side of the wall surfaced with mirrors. It rotated slowly at 1 round per minute. A video was projected on to this wall. The video sequences were constructed out of various shots from the hall and related spaces of the building.


The camera was maneuvered in a similar motion path and speed as the wall. As the wall turned and the mirrored side came gradually into view, the projected video began to bounce off the wall onto the surrounding architecture.


The spacious consequences were at the same time evident in the mirror itself and resulted in the viewer becoming entangled in a visual spectacle. There was a moment when one suddenly found oneself in the reflection of the mirrors.