Confetti / 2011 / Arcus Sports Centre / commission / Municipality of Wijchen

The enormous sports halls in the new Arcus Sports Centre in Wijchen are hermetically sealed from the outside world. When in these halls, all sights, sounds and smells of the outside world are blocked out.   


‘Confetti’ is a reactive work of art. On the courtyard in front of the sports hall, it translates the activities that take place in the sports halls into light, colours and rhythm. Microphones that pick up live sounds have been placed at various locations throughout the building. The sounds are analysed using a computer system, and then transformed into a DMX signal that controls 120 RGB LED lights in the courtyard.  


The coloured lights are square Plexiglass panels that are lit from below. They are reminiscent of large pixels on a huge screen. Although the panels occasionally look like confetti strewn in front of the entrance to the building, they are aligned with one another.   On the one hand, the panels in the courtyard literally represent the activity going on in the building.

They also represent movement – the continuously changing positions of the athletes in the sports halls. If there is no activity going on inside the building, the lights remain relatively static.