Example / 2005 / Volume / Post CS building / Mediamatic / Amsterdam


The last existing section of the former TPG building next to the Central Station houses temporally the Stedelijk Museum and several other art related institutes and offices in Amsterdam. The Post CS building was originally part of a much larger complex that was designed by the Dutch architect Piet Elling in a true functionalist fashion. The building functioned as the largest post-sorting department in the Netherlands for over thirty-five years.


The new users have freely interpretated and altered the existing clear internal architectural structure to fit their purpose. Since the new inhabitants have settled in, the building is open the public for the first time.


For 'Example' seven of the characteristic square columns that are omni-present throughout the Post CS building as elements constituting its rational-functional skeleton, were duplicated in a minutely and more than realistically way.


Positioned irrationally in a area on the groundfloor (a section of the space that is occupied by Mediamatic, Institute for new media), and flanking its two existing columns, the free standing sculptures as a disorienting spatial installation not only draw acute attention to the actual state and details of the columns themselves, but especially to the building's lay-out as a total.