LOC foto / 2008 / LOC Hardenberg / commission / Municipality of Hardenberg

The new local education centre , the LOC, in Hardenberg is a collective building in which several schools, a creative centre, library, community centre and job agencies house together in an ‘open structure’. The main hall of the building is literally situated as an extension of the shopping street.


At the entrance of the building, three specially designed LCD displays are installed in the hall. They are placed in continuation of the commercial displays in the street. Instead of showing advertising messages, they show fragments of daily life in and around the building. A computer system makes sure that the screens randomly show images from a fast growing image bank. Everyone is able to directly upload photos to this archive via a website.


One of the displays has two sides. On both of these sides one can read short sentences. Although every sentence is written for a specific photograph in the archive, they will almost never correspond to the ‘correct’ image. The images on all four screens change every 15 seconds and are synchronized to the same time.


The constantly different combinations of text and image give a rich source of possible interactions between image and language but at the same time enable the building to become slowly transparent due to the fact that every possible corner in the building will come in view.