Mesh / 2005 / solo exhibition / Ellen de Bruijne Projects / Amsterdam


'Mesh' perpetuates the ritual of filling up space. It is an attempt to combine the experiences of navigation within the gallery and the imposed limits to the individuals navigational impulses in new urban areas within Holland.


Eight identical copies of a single white pillar in the main exhibition room were placed together with the original in a symmetrical grid and interconnected by fake architraves attached to the ceiling. The space between each pillar or a pillar and the wall was never more than two meters. The room was further left empty.


Through the window of the room with the pillars a video on a TV-monitor was visible. It was placed in a box constructed out of plywood and positioned outside of the building, hanging over the street a meter away from the window.


The video showed footage of several new urban development areas (Vinex-locations) throughout the Netherlands. Shots of deserted new houses, living areas and building sites slowly moved by in a film loop of 7.30 minutes. The video with its slow pace and singular direction blended in with the view onto the street from the gallery.