Oranjerie / 2011 / Haren Town Hall / commission / Haren (Groningen)


Three pivot doors, with a lenticular photo sandwiched between a light box and a glass plate. Photo dimensions: 540 x 230 cm (three parts measuring 180 x 230 cm).  


‘Oranjerie’ is a 2D-lenticular image made of 16 photographs. When the viewer, while walking past it, looks at the artwork, it gradually changes. New exotic plants appear in the council chamber, while other plants disappear. From a certain perspective, the council chamber appears completely empty, with no plants at all.  


Behind the pivot doors with the photographic artwork is the town hall’s council chamber. The artwork is made up of a series of photos taken during a photo shoot in this council chamber. A selection of tropical plants, typical of those found in an orangery, together with the furnishings of the council chamber, formed the basis for these photos.


‘Oranjerie’ is a sequel to 2005’s ‘Winter Garden’, a spectacular video installation in Breda’s Amphia Hospital, in which images of lush exotic plants alternate with scenes of a hospital bed in a tropical greenhouse or jungle, which looks like it is about to envelop the clinical hospital room.  


Lenticular printing: A 3D technique in which the images the left and right eye see are separated by means of lenses. These lenses are processed to create a ridged foil, behind which the 3D image is placed. A lenticular image does not show just one stereo pair, but a whole series, allowing you to look around the objects in the 3D image. The 3D images can be viewed without special glasses. Lenticular printing can also be used to create moving 2D images.