Partition / 2015 / solo exhibition / Ellen de Bruijne Projects / Amsterdam


Partition is a new spatial installation, inspired by a commission for the new prison in Zaandam. For the commission, Kluiters was asked to find an artistic solution for a practical problem – adjusting viewpoints and blocking lines of sight to various courtyards. Despite inmates being able to look out over these spaces from their cell windows on all sides of the courtyards, they do not have access to them.


The challenge was to provide the inmates with a view that was as spacious as possible, while preventing them from making potentially dangerous eye contact.  


Five objects divide the gallery space. Each object repeats the shape of a corner seen from a different angle. The strongly-accentuated lines of perspective draw one’s eye to various dead-end corners, from which there is no escape.  


A second piece, Study Model for Folded Architecture, is a folded model of an architectural space. It is based around the space of a corridor, in which folds have been used to reorient the location of vertical positions, and many angles have been created.


In an example of folded architecture, the space of a corridor can be viewed as a representation of the proportions of the human body, which can be used as an orientation point while simultaneously creating confusion.  


If we were to look at our own bodies in this complex space, floors would become walls, ceilings would wobble and create great confusion about movement, rhythm and how we experience our bodies. What would we see? Where would we be? In a folded world, uncertainty becomes a new spatial dimension.