Planet M / 2009 - 2011 / commission / NIMk / Amsterdam


Planet M is a mobile art installation that can be used as an exhibition and event space. Planet M rests on a trailer which, during transport, acts as a container for the foldable tent design.  


This tent design, which when unfolded becomes a circle measuring12 metres in diameter, consists of aluminium trusses and an inflated PVC tarpaulin, interspersed with LED lighting. Its shape is reminiscent of a large, round mattress, which rests askew on the trailer in the sense that the centre of the circle is located just outside of the trailer, and in that the section of the roof above the trailer is lower (280 cm) than the section that is further away (480 cm). Inflating the various ‘cake slice’ shaped segments creates a highly stable, stiff shape.  


The LED lighting in the canopy also makes Planet M look like an enormous lampshade.   PVC membrane side sections can be attached around the roof to seal the tent. At the bottom of these side sections lies a large sack, which needs to be filled with water to anchor the tent and make sure that the walls remain taught. Thereby, the tent does not need to be secured with guy ropes. If required, the centre of the circular roof can be covered with a top tent to make the entire tent lightproof and watertight.  


When unfolded, a space measuring more than 100 square meters is created, which is between 2.6 and 4.6 metres in height.   Designed by Michiel Kluiters. Technical development and implementation by Michiel Kluiters in collaboration with Arno Pronk, engineer.  


Planet M was made on commission by NIMK (the Netherlands Media Art Institute) and SKOR (the Foundation for Art in Public Spaces).


Shortly after Planet M’s creation, both institutes were disbanded due to drastic governmental budget cuts. Unfortunately, Planet M could not be spared.