Rites de Passage / 2008 / collaboration with André van Bergen / Marres / Maastricht

À l'extérieur. Rites de Passage


A large ‘container’ penetrates through three rooms on the ground floor. The doors normally used to close off the rooms are placed at each end.  


The doors to the central hall of Marres are replaced with iron fences. Looking through the fence from the street side there is a direct view to the back garden and visa versa (a borrowed work by Bik/Van der Pol made for the exhibition ‘Stadsoase’ in 2004).  


In one of the front rooms of the house a b/w print of the central hall of Marres covers the entire back wall. The dimensions of the hall have been altered to echo the proportions of the container. In the same room a cylindrical shaped column is present. It is a life-size copy of a typical 19th century advertising display. Posters designed by Maureen Mooren are glued on to the outside.  


The spiral staircase is entirely concealed by floor planks. The wood is strapped around the frame of the staircase in a similar manner to a wooden barrel. The house was originally built as a beer brewery. The spiral staircase interconnects all the floors in the building and leads to the attic where Lobby is situated.  


The visitor can listen to sound recordings throughout the building. Readings have been selected from several sources that deal with the thematic ‘flaneren’ (to be translated as strolling or lounging). The readings are delivered in four different languages (Dutch, French, German and English). This part of the exhibition is realised with the help of Eric de Kuyper and José Teunissen.

In the attic, one can view video compilations on Lobby’s hotel monitors. Scenes have been picked from film classics that deal with the same thematic (selected by Erik de Kuyper).