Room 9 and 10 / 2002 / solo exhibition / Ellen de Bruijne Projects / Amsterdam


For this exhibition the layout of the gallery space was altered as part of the installation. As you entered the exhibition you were first confronted with a small, barely lit room (room 9) in which a large light-box photo display was showing a image of an empty interior appearing erratically out of the darkness.


The effect was similar to that of a malfunctioning tube light. At one point in the sequence of flashes a sudden glimpse of another interior came to view. This other space was filled with tools and building material. The image was the view into the actual space behind the constructed wall.


The next room in the exhibition was brightly lit (room 10). This room was divided in two parts by a transparent glass wall. The public was only able to enter the part behind the glass wall. Through the glass, a wall-filling photograph of an interior was visible from a distance of ten meters.