Via / 2014 / Limmel-Nazareth / commission / Municipality of Maastricht


Via 2014 is located along the entire length of the side walls beneath the new railway underpass that connects Maastricht’s Limmel and Nazareth districts.  


Along one side is a harmonica-like arrangement of panels that alternately point outwards and inwards, creating protruding triangles. This relief measures approximately 2.4 by 24 metres. Street names and numbers have been printed into the concrete on the sloping sides: one side of the triangle bears an address in Limmel, and the other an address in Nazareth. The triangular shapes ensure that you only see addresses from the district you are leaving as you move through the tunnel – only if you stand still will you see the street names from both districts listed together in a row, as if they were all from the same neighbourhood.  


On the opposite wall, which is 24 metres in length and slopes backwards, are flat concrete panels with photographic images attached to them. The images have been pressed into the concrete as graphic reliefs. The wall displays means of transport used on a daily basis by the residents of both districts, such as cars, bicycles, motorbikes, a scooter, a moped, a horse, a pair of shoes and even a set of crutches. Next to each means of transport is a number. These numbers correspond to the numbers of the addresses on the opposite side: these are the addresses where these means of transport can actually be found.   The artwork is uniquely lit by means of coloured LED lights, which, particularly in the evenings, give the installation as a whole an extra dimension.  


Via 2014 will function as a long-lasting monument to the moment that the connecting tunnel between Limmel and Nazareth was completed.  


In 2016, this railway underpass and artwork were nominated for the Victor de Stuers prize.